Did you know you can add custom printed neck labels to your garments?

Neck labels are a great way to add that finishing touch to your products. They're completely optional, but they're an inexpensive way to brand your products and really make them stand out.

Which items can I add a printed neck label to?

All of the clothing we offer can be labelled. T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Tank tops, Kids' clothes - if you can wear it, we can label it.

How do we print them?

Neck labels are printed before being pressed onto your garment using heat transfer. This process allows for high definition, full colour printing.

Designing your neck label

Information to include:

  • Logo

  • Size (optional - you can upload a label for each size)

  • Wash instructions (Wash inside-out at 30 degrees, do not tumble dry)

  • Ironing instructions (Do not iron directly onto the print)

You can include text and icons - the choice is yours.


Your design will be printed with a maximum width of 7cm. Designs should be no bigger than 7cm x 7cm.

Uploading your Neck Label designs

Log in to your Imprinted account and navigate to the 'Brands' section

Visit Brands

Click 'Add New Brand', or edit one of your existing brands. If you're adding a new brand, give it a name and upload your logo before clicking 'Create'.

Now, click the 'Labels' tab.

Upload your label (or multiple labels if you're adding colour variations and sizes)

Adding a Neck Label to your product

Your neck label is assigned when you create your product design, on the product page.

The charge for this service is £1.44 + VAT.

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