Now that your Shopify store is integrated, let’s add some products. Follow the step by step process below.

Login in to your Imprinted Shopify app, scroll down on the dashboard home screen and click on create products.

Our full product range will then appear. From the list of products choose the product that you’re wanting to use. For example, the Stanley/Stella Creator.

Once you have chosen the product that you want to use, you’ll then need to add your designs.

You’ll then see a blank garment on the left, with a number of icons underneath. You’ll need to choose upload design which is the middle icon.

Choose the design that you want to use. Once you’ve uploaded the design, there’ll then be several tools for you to use, such as re-size, position and delete.

As soon as you’re happy with the product, click Create Product.

You’ve now created a product!

Now we need to import this product to your shopify store. To do this, click Import To Shopify. You’ll then be presented with a screen that allows you to add some necessary and helpful information about your product, such as title, description, brand and price before it’s imported to Shopify.

Description ideas: Colour, material, weight, fit, washing instructions, feel.

At this stage you’ll also be able to add all the product variants you’d like to use, such as colours and sizes.

Once you’ve completed the above steps and are happy with your product and variations, click import to shopify, this will then set your product live and will be available to purchase. You can view this on your Shopify product page.

Congratulations, you’ve just created and imported a product!

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