Selling your awesome products on Etsy? Looking for a Print On Demand partner that can fulfill all your orders? Imprinted can integrate seamlessly with your Etsy store, meaning your customer orders are passed straight over to us, as soon as they’ve been purchased from your store.

Before you start, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve registered for an Imprinted account, set-up an Etsy seller account and completed all the necessary details. When completing the integration process, ensure you’re logged into both accounts.

Lets Integrate!

1. Make sure you’re logged into your Imprinted account, you’ll need to integrate with Etsy from our site. To do this, click Integrate Etsy Store below.

Integrate Etsy Store

2. Now click activate integration, you should now be asked to allow Imprinted permission to integrate with your store.

3. Click ‘allow access’ you’ll then return to the Imprinted site.

Alternatively, head to 'integrations' located in your account. You'll then be able to see all our integration options.

Next, click the blue arrow at the top left of the Etsy logo, and click 'Connect Store'.

Completing your profile and getting started with Etsy

Adding Imprinted as your production partner:

In order for Imprinted to fulfill your POD products, you’ll need to add us as your production partner.

To do this, login into your Etsy account and click on settings from the menu on the left, click on production partner, click add production partner and then type in Imprinted.

If you do not wish to show Imprinted as your fulfillment partner, you’ll need to add in a description, this could be - Print On Demand, dropshipping company.

Next you need to add a location, this is Manchester, United Kingdom.

Now add a short about description for Imprinted. This could be something like A print on demand, dropshipping and fulfillment provider.

Finally, you’ll need to say why you needed a partner, answer the 3 questions, by using the drop down answers provided.

Great! You’ve now set-up Imprinted as your production partner!

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